Sunday, November 21, 2010


I LOVE BUTTONS!!  But as much as I enjoy them, my mom enjoys them more.  She collects them just for the pure joy of fingering through them, sorting them, admiring them, and putting them in fun containers to showcase their beauty.  They make her happy.  She never tires of searching garage sales and thrift shops for treasures to add to her "stash".  As she ages I hope never to find her in a state of dementia,  for I fear she will have a scissors hidden in her pocket cutting buttons off of clothes people still have on! LOL. Just kidding mom!
As I mentioned in an earlier post today, my mom is here visiting me for a week or two, and brought a whole suitcase full of buttons to sort through and organize while I was at work.  Scroll down to my earlier post today to see a picture of the suitcase!!  I am not kidding one bit!  I just want to share a couple of quick pictures of some of the button jars at her home....notice I said "some" of the buttons.....

She found this coffee table as someone elses throw away item, refinished it, had glass made for the shadow box areas and filled it with buttons.  Even kids that come to her house love to look at the table.
I do have the Making Memories Embellishment Center with quite a few small jars I got at Michaels filled with buttons....but I also had a ton of small baggies in a big bowl that had a few buttons of one style or color etc.  Today mom organized them for me while I was stamping.....We got bead containers from Michaels and she put my mess in order.  The pics are not real good, but you will get the idea.  She filled three cantainers for me, and they look soooo pretty...and  it  will be soooo much easier to find what I need.

Isn't it awesome!!  I just wish the pics would show how pretty they all look together.  Thanks mom over and are so very awesome, and I love you!  P.S.....can I have your button collection someday? 


  1. Your mom is awesome.
    She does have a lot of buttons, but they look beautiful. What is it about buttons that we all love?

  2. Oh my, I think that is some serious button heaven! How beautiful!

  3. What a collection!! They are beautiful.