Friday, May 11, 2012


HAPPY FRIDAY!!  I am so happy to have today off.  My to do list is long, and all I really want to do is retire to my stamp cave and PLAY. However, I better tackle my list first.  Before I do though, I wanted to share a quick post featuring an item I repurposed.

Last summer I found a few tins that originally contained "snuff" while hitting a few rummage sales with the girls.  I knew I would eventually find a way to alter them.  I threw a few sponge daubers in one and it has been on my stamping desk.  I recently decided to organize the daubers a bit more so I would designate a certain one for my favorite ink colors.  This is where using the tin comes in.  This is what the tin looked like to start with:
It has a really nice snap closure that is secure, and shuts tightly.  I found it the perfect depth to stand the dauber up, and still be able to close it.  So, the dilemma, of how to keep the daubers in one spot and not rolling all around in the tin became my project.  Enter the magnetic pin...I think that it what they are called....
I had originally bought a set at a local office store toput buttons on top to use as frig magnets.....never got around to it.....this is what I did with them.

I know the pic is BAD!  However, I simply put as many as would fit in the tin...they snap magnettically to the bottom really well...and put the labelled daubers over the top of the "pegs"!  Pretty nifty huh?  The daubers stay put and I have a color for each ink pad I use alot.  Another fun thing about this was I found out that the whole tin magnetically snaps to another tin when stacked, so I can add tins with more items in them, and they stay together for easy storage.  This is what the tin looked like all altered:

They really are fun!  Maybe you have a tin that would work in a similar manner....I do have to say, I tried the idea with an old Altoid Tin, but it was not quite deep enough.  Anyway, the point is, keep an open mind when looking at an item you may be ready to discard....ya never know what it may be useful for!
Hope you enjoyed the little tip.....Have a wonderful Friday...and a Blessed Mothers Day to all you mom's out there.  I will be back soon, with a canvas or two I have been playing with!

Blogger Blessings,

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Here are the last few cards...I wanted to get them all posted this week so I can move onto something here are the rest:

Hope you have gotten an idea or two from this book...if you have not been following these birthday posts, the original post is HERE.  These short little post the last few days will make more sense if you read the history of why I was doing this......Bye for now!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Here we go again!   4 more cards....Not much time to do a long post...Spending time with my Mom today!  We are going to go button hunting at second hand stores!   Love doing that with her!
Here are the next cards:

Again all super simple...any specific questions on one of the cards, please leave a comment and I will respond!    LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE....Happy weekend!

Friday, May 4, 2012


IT IS FINALLY FRIDAY!! YEAH!  I am headed to visit my Mom for the weekend, but still want to get through most of these cards I promised some of you.  I will not do all 50, but most of them.  I am anxious to get onto a few other projects I have been working on.
So here are four more cards:

Hope you get some ideas...the first card is a direct case off a card I saw on Pinterest so do not take credit for that...I just love the "Lovely as a Tree" set and know my SIL has it so had to make her one like the one I saw.
Hope your Friday is the start of a super fun, relaxing weekend with some creative time too!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here are todays CAS birthday cards without further ado!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Good morning!  Hope your week is going well so far....we are half way to Friday!! Yeah!!  So, I have a few more CAS birthday cards today to share.....we all are busy, so I won't bore you with lots of another four cards:

Have a wonderful day!  I will be back tomorrow with a few more!      God Bless.......Tammie

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


HAPPY TUESDAY ALL!  Just a quick post with a few more birthday card ideas....again..CAS...again, from the book of birthday wishes I made for my SIL's 50th birthday.  If this is the first in the series of CAS cards you have come upon, please scroll down....there are multiple earlier posts with other cards from her book.  Here are some more.

Hope you look a one of these cards, and say..OH!  I have scraps I can use like that, or OH!  I have a stamp that I can use like that!  These cards were all ideas from multiple other cards I have viewed on line different places, and combined to suit my own stash and, do the same if you like!
See you tomorrow!   Have a wonderful day!     Tammie