Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well, I have done terrible in my attempt to get back into posting some of my creations.  I really do plan to change that this time.  Not being on a design team has  given me lots of time to spend on creating and altering without deadlines.  This has been fun, but also negative in the aspect of never taking the time to post some of the items I have been working on.  So,  fellow card makers, tonight I will start a run of sharing a project I have been working on recently....a book of Birthday wishes.  This book was given as a 50th birthday to my very very special sister-in-law who introduced me to stamping a very long time ago.  When she turned 40, I made her 40 minature birthday cards and had such fun doing it....a box of birthday wishes.  Seven years later, I turned 50 and guess what!!  She made me 50 little birthday cards!  I was overwhelmed, and looked at them over and over, and still have them out in my stamping area to look at.  Well, she recently turned 50, and I could not let the tradition die could I?  So I set about to make her a book of 50 birthday wishes that she could keep in her stamping room to have for inspiration and to remember how very much she means to me.  You see....I was never blessed with a sister, but when my younger brother brought Dorena into our lives, he gave me my sister.  She is so very wonderful!  Thank you Cary! :)  Love you Dorena!
This past weekend she came to visit, bringing my Mother with her, and we had a girls weekend.  I gave her the book, and she gave me permission to share it with all my blog buddies.  So, we go.  I will start with the front and back cover.  I purchased a photo book from Michaels knowing it would not hold all 50 cards, but as I started completing it, I added a few extra pages as needed into the center using score tape, until I had all 50 cards in the book.  I decided to use it as a "standing book" of sorts since it was not going to close.  This is what it looks like standing up and open.

The pages fanned out in the back keep it standing upright.  Kind of an odd way to do it I know, but it worked out OK IRL.  I am thinking I will share a couple cards a day from the book until I have shown most of them.  Please remember, I was making 50 cards, so I kept them very clean and simple with very few embellishments since they were going into the book.  Many of the cards I got idea layouts from the vast number of blogs and talented people out there...just altering them my way.  Many I just was at my desk and started playing. Here are the first two cards in the book.

The first one I cased off the cover a Cards magazine so cannot take credit fore the idea there, but LOVED the doily and butterfly idea.  The second one was done after seeing many cards out there combining the bird punch and branch.  I also used the bitty flower punch from SU, but cut little lines toward the center of each flower on each petal to change it up a bit and add dimension.
So, that is the first two cards!  Stay tuned occasionally as I post more CAS birthday wishes.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and have a little time to do something creative!
God Bless..............Tammie

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