Thursday, April 14, 2011


Good morning everyone!  Today is my turn over at the Skipping Stones Blog, to do the weekly Thursday tip, trick, or tutorial.  My tutorial today is a technique I learned from my friend Laurie...(thanks Laurie) to make puff paint at home in any color you want for just pennies.  We are calling it "frosting" for todays post.  Soooo.....lets get busy and frost a cupcake, shall we?  Here are the basic supplies to start with.....
Equal amounts of salt and sure you use salt NOT sugar.....stamps, ink, water, heat tool and cardstock.

Begin by mixing the salt and flour together, and then slowly add water and stirring until you get a thick glue like consistency....add color of choice if desired....I wanted pink frosting.  I used food coloring. 
Reinkers work great too.

Then I got out the SSD Cupcake Cutie set and stamped the solid image frosting for the cupcake in Stampin-Ups Blushing Bride, on white cardstock.

Pick up a small amount of the colored frosting and starting from the center, push it out to the edges of the stamped image...I just used the stir stick to do this.  Do not make it too will be hard to dry as you will see in the next step.

This is how thick I layered it on.  Now we begin to dry the the frosting with the heat tool.  Start from the backside of the cardstock first and when you can see it starting to dry a bit and puff up, finish drying it drm the not get too close or you will burn your frosting....We're cookin now, huh?  Isn't your frosting fluffy!

All my pics of the dried image blurred, so this is a bad picture of the puffed up frosting getting ready to get decorated.  I applied a two way glue pen lightly over the frosting and sprinkled glitter on it..looks like colored sugar on frosting!.....soooo yummy looking!  You could also add any other number of fun things instead like confetti or courser glitter etc to make your frosting look delectable!  Here is what mine looked like when done....

I cut this image out and mounted it to the cupcake base I had previously stamped and cut out with a nestabilities die......This is my finished card.

It is really hard to see how cool this ooks IRL from the picture....but it is all puffed up and actually looks like frosting on a cake.  You can use this recipe for anywhere you could use puff paint....white for snow, snow men, get the idea right?
Hope you enjoyed the tip....It really is not hard to do at all.  I used a Tablespoon each of the flour and salt and about 4 tsp of water to make mine and had alot of frosting.  You may want to scale it down, or have several stamped images ready to paint at once.  One idea I had would be to stamp a few other images where you would use white puff paint and paint them first, then add color to the rest of the paint and do a few cupcakes and cakes etc.
Have a wonderful day!      Tammie


  1. How cool is that?!!! Love it Tammie, can't wait to try it out!