Thursday, June 23, 2011


Welcome to my blog today and  SSD Tips and Tricks Thursday. Today I have a quick way to add a bit of fun to a card! We are going to make a card you can scratch and sniff! It is very quick and simple to do...Kids LOVE to help with this! Lets get started......

You will need: Craft or embossable ink in color of your choice, clear embossing powder, embossing gun, stamps, and SUGAR FREE Jello in your choice of flavor.

Start by mixing 1 1/2 parts of clear embossing powder with 1 part sugar free Jello. Be sure to use sugar free or the sugar will burn when you heat it. I used a teaspoon and a half teaspoon from my measuring spoon set and mixed 1 1/2 tsp of EP with 1 tsp jello....I am playing with lime and strawberry today!

Stamp image or images with ink and sprinkle with powder mixture. Heat emboss until melted. When cooled, scratch and sniff!! If you do not have craft ink, you can stamp the images with regular ink in your choice of color, and then color in the part you want embossed with a versamark pen....this works super well also... FUN! Endless posssibilities and combinations to play with here. I used SSD "Friendly Fruit" set for my card which matches with lime, strawberry, watermelon, cherry and razzberry jello....perfect set to use....

This is the card I made using this set and the lime and strawberry set....

I cut out the images and put them on pop dots. It really does can scratch the fruit and they smell exactly like they look!

Hope you have fun with this technique and the SSD set "Friendly Fruit". This is a perfect summer time card making project.

Happy Thursday All!


  1. Now how fun is this?!!!! SWEET card!

  2. Are you kidding me??? Awesome!! I love it!

  3. that's sooo awesome!!!
    I'll definitely try it and share the results on my blog with the link to you:)
    Thanks for sharing your secrets!!

  4. Now I know I left a comment the other day...problem with comments lately I guess...this is just too cute Tammie, and I always forget this recipe...and just perfect of course for this set! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!